Life Coaching

Life coaching is the positive practice that assists people to make significant changes in their lives. Looking for a personal life coach can be one of the most significant decisions a person can make in their life. The life coach will help you assess the life situation that you are in and look at the achievements you want to make in your life and how you can achieve them.Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with a life-coach:

There are many life coaches available on the internet, with Karanne Lambton being one of the best. However, there are specific characteristics that a person must possess to become a good lite coach.
A good personal life coach should be confident. In coaching, you are working with people who are seeking for solutions to solve their life problems. The coach should, therefore, be able to deal with the clients confidently. The work of the coach is to help the client to come up with possible solutions to their problems and then decide on the most appropriate one.

A good life coach should also have excellent communication skills. Most people assume that if you want to become a life coach, all you need are listening skills. However, this is not true. It is true that the life coach should be listening most of the time. They should also speak but not more than they hear. The life coach should even have the ability to what the client is saying both verbally and non-verbally.

The life coach should also be articulate in their questioning. They should ask questions after they have listened to what the client has to say. The questions the coach asks should be explanatory and open-ended. The questions should also be relevant to what the client is saying.

Another trait that a good life coach should possess is sincerity and empathy. Not every person who has a life problem is confident enough to approach a life coach. However, if the life coach shows sincerity in willing to help the client, the client will feel more at ease and also comfortable. The coach should also be able to put themselves in the clients' shoes. This way, the customer will not feel like the coach is trying to judge them. It will also create a good rapport between the two parties.

The Life Coach Vancouver should also be a goal setter. The coach should be able to assist the client set goals that they will help them achieve the desired outcome. As a coach, you should first set your goals and lead by example.